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Unix in a Nutshell

You may have seen UNIX quick reference guides, but you've never seen anything like UNIX in a Nutshell. Not a scaled-down quick reference of common commands, UNIX in a Nutshell is a complete reference containing all commands and options, along with generous descriptions and examples that put the commands in context.

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Unix Power Tools

Loaded with even more practical advice about almost every aspect of UNIX, this new second edition of "UNIX Power Tools" addresses the technology that UNIX users face today. You'll find increased coverage of POSIX utilities, including GNU versions, greater "bash" and "tcsh" shell coverage, more emphasis on Perl, and a CD-ROM that contains some of the best freeware available.

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Linux Complete

Everything you ever wanted to know about making Linux jump through hoops but felt too intimidated to ask. Coverage includes installation, device configuration, local area networking, dial-up networking with PPP, IP masquerading, DHCP setup, and IP chains.

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Red Hat Linux 6 Unleashed

Red Hat Linux 6 Unleashed shows you how to install, configure, and manage version 6.0, the latest version of Red Hat operating system. Version 6.0 boasts the latest Linux kernel, a new and improved installation program, updated libraries and a host of other improvements.

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